NFZ Gaiter

NFZ Gaiter
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Tick repelling gaiters are a great defense against ticks hiding in long grass. Take long walks with peace of mind wearing these easy-on/off gaiters. Can be worn over pants or bare legs and the top elastic keeps them in place.

  • Made in USA

  • Available in four sizes:

    • Sm - 100-130lbs

    • med 130-160lbs

    • lg 160-190lbs

    • x-large 190-220lbs

  • 100% acrylic fabric

  • Repels ticks and biting insects

  • No Fly Zone permethrin infused fabric Machine washable – air dry is recommended

  • Insect repellency lasts up to 70 washings

  • Color is olive green

Price: $29.99